Euro 2024

The Essential Role of Stocktaking During Euro 2024

Euro 2024 is turning out to be a blockbuster event, not just for football fans but also for pubs and bars across the UK. The excitement and anticipation surrounding the tournament have driven a significant business for wet-led bars.

With such a surge in sales, inventory management is critical.

At Stocktake UK, we understand the unique challenges that come with such high-demand periods and are here to help pubs navigate them successfully.

The Surge in Pub Business During Euro 2024

The Euro 2024 tournament has led to a huge boost in spending in the hospitality sector. UK pubs and bars have experienced a substantial increase as fans gather to watch the matches.

According to Euronews, the UK alone is predicted to spend more than £1 billion on food and drink during the tournament. This surge is a golden opportunity for pubs to maximise their revenue, but it also presents significant challenges in terms of stock management and customer service.

Why Stock Management is Crucial

With the heightened demand, ensuring that your pub has the right amount of stock is crucial. Running out of popular items leads to lost sales and disappointed customers. Conversely, overstocking can lead to increased waste and higher operational costs.

This is where Stocktake UK comes into play.

Our comprehensive UK-wide stock management services help you maintain optimal inventory levels. By accurately tracking your stock, we enable you to avoid both shortages and excesses, ensuring you have just what you need to keep your customers happy and your costs under control.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Efficient stock management isn’t just about keeping track of inventory; it’s also about optimising your overall operations. Stocktake UK provides valuable insights into sales trends and inventory usage, helping you make informed decisions about ordering and staffing.

By utilising our services, pubs can ensure they have enough staff on hand to handle the rush, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience. Furthermore, our data-driven approach can help identify which items are in high demand, allowing you to adjust your menu and promotions accordingly.

Optimise Profits, Reduce Waste

Effective stock management directly impacts your bottom line. With precise control over your inventory, you can reduce waste, manage costs, and maximise profits.

Understanding which items sell the most during match days can help you tailor your orders and avoid over-purchasing items that don’t move as quickly. This not only reduces waste but also ensures that your most popular items are always available, driving higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Preparing for Future Events

The strategies and insights gained from managing stock during Euro 2024 can be applied to future events, making Stocktake UK an invaluable partner for your business in the long run.

Major sporting events provide recurring opportunities for increased business, and with our help, you can be better prepared each time.


Euro 2024 has brought a wave of excitement and increased business to pubs across the UK. To fully capitalise on this opportunity, effective stock management is essential.

Stocktake UK offers the expertise and tools you need to navigate these busy periods successfully. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your pub remains well-stocked, operates efficiently, and maximises its profits. Don’t let the challenges of high-demand events overwhelm you – let Stocktake UK help you thrive.

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