A summer of Events and Festivals, gives hospitality a boost.

Preparing for a Thriving Summer

The intensified recruitment efforts by UK hospitality businesses to fill nearly one million summer jobs have been driven by major events like the 2024 Olympics, EUROs, and Taylor Swift’s UK tour which have led to a significant surge in job vacancies from January to March 2024. Some reports have suggested the sector saw a 24% increase in vacancies.

This positive boost to the hospitality industry is attracting talent from overseas and other untapped talent pools, emphasising the sector’s potential to provide a welcoming and stable environment for those looking to establish themselves with a new career.

However, given the need to fill positions and maintain service levels during this busy summer season, it is more important than ever to keep track of sales during these peak periods. By delegating this critical function to experts, businesses can ensure more accurate and efficient stock control, allowing their staff to focus on delivering exceptional service and optimising operations. This approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to higher customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

Andrew Consterdine (Managing Director at Stocktake UK) says that “With the busy summer events and festival season kicking off with Euro 24, it’s important the all Hospitality Businesses stay on top of their stocktaking. Hiring new staff, and servicing large numbers of customers means that there are major issues with training, wastage and theft. Speak with your local Stocktake UK stocktaker, to learn how they can help you maximise your profits – it’s an open goal!”

Here’s to a summer season filled with satisfied guests, thriving businesses, and memorable experiences for all!

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