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Russell McKie

Russell McKie – Stocktaker Edinburgh

Based in Edinburgh and covering Penicuik, Dalkeith & Livingston.

I took early retirement, got bored and responded to advert in trade magazine in 2004.

As a Stocktaker in Edinburgh, the majority of my business is based locally around Edinburgh. Clients have grown gradually and this provides me with the balance of work that is ideal to me. I work approximately 3-4 weeks per month. This allows me the time to take regular holidays and pursue other outside interests.

I attended catering college and I’m a classically trained chef. I moved on to catering management in various positions, and eventually became Operations Director for Sodexho in Scotland.

When starting the business, it initially took around three months of visiting pub and posting leaflets to generate a level of income I was happy with..

Outside interests include: taking holidays, classic cars (had 3 in past few years MG Midget currently) I also enjoy cooking and eating out.

My advice to anyone is never give up, keep trying, leave retirement as late as possible, boredom is bad for you.

My business as a Stocktaker in Edinburgh and with my franchise partner, Stocktake UK, has allowed me to achieve a good work/life balance

Stocktaker Edinburgh

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