Earn over £50,000 pa* working the hours you choose

Earn over £50,000 pa* working the hours you choose

Do you want to own and operate your own business? Stocktake UK can help you become a part of a national network of professional stock auditors, running your own licensed trade stocktaking franchise.


Join our team of Skilled Stock Auditors with your own Stocktake UK Franchise

We are currently recruiting senior managers from within the catering, leisure and hospitality sectors in order to further develop and expand the capability and responsiveness of our successful nationwide stocktake franchise network.

  • Our top Franchise partners earn over £125,000pa
  • Work regular hours Monday to Friday
  • Be your own boss, build your own business
  • Low initial investment (from £11,995 + VAT), all training and equipment included

  • Regular flow of leads from our Head Office to help you grow
  • Work in the hospitality industry without long shift and unsociable hours

If you have experience of working in bars, pubs, restaurants or the hospitality industry but you want to make a change for a better lifestyle with great pay, our franchise opportunity is for you. Many of our franchise holders are former General Managers, Pub / Bar Managers or have a good deal of experience in the hospitality industry.

You’ll likely have used stocktakers before or at least understand the need for them in the sector. Don’t worry if you’re not certain about exactly what a stocktaker does, we’ll provide you with full training, all the equipment you need and you’ll have the support of our head office team who have over 20 years of industry experience.

We have franchises available throughout the whole of the UK. No matter where you’re based you’ll have the opportunity to build a sustainable stocktaking business that you can shape around your lifestyle. Our top-earning stocktaking franchisee holders earn in excess of £125,000pa, while average earnings are £50,000pa*. You’ll have all the tax benefits of being self employed and be able to build your business as quickly as you want to.

*earnings are not guaranteed and figures are for reference only

“The interview process was clear, thorough & Informative, All my questions and concerns were answered in a quick and professional way”

Ben Hadfield, Stocktake UK Franchisee

“When I looked into franchising nearly 12 years ago, it was evident right from the start that a franchise with Stocktake UK would be the best possible way of receiving training and support for a change in my career path…”

M. McGuire, Stocktake UK Franchisee

What Does a Franchise with Stocktake UK Include?

As a leading stocktaking company in the UK, Stocktake UK operates as a franchise and prides itself on providing first-class backup and support to its network of professional stock auditor consultants. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Stocktake UK offers comprehensive training, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing guidance to ensure its franchisees are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional stocktaking services to clients across the country.


As part of the initial training, you will attend a two-week residential course held at the company’s head office in Skipton. The course will be delivered by specialist trainers and existing stock auditors and will incorporate both classroom theory and live stocktaking at clients’ premises.

The training will cover:

Stocktaking theory: Understanding the details behind the stocktaking process is essential, and this training will help you impart your knowledge to clients effectively.

Software training: Our custom systems, developed in-house after years of experience, are at the cutting edge of technology and provide franchisees with the tools to cope with today’s demanding business environment. Regular software updates are released to ensure that our services remain the best available to franchisees.

Live stocktaking: During your residential weeks, your training will focus on on-site stocktaking at selected clients’ premises, providing you with the opportunity to put your new skills into practice with the backup and support of our trainers.

Franchise operation: If you are new to operating your own business, the advice and support you receive during your training will be invaluable. This will include guidance on everything from VAT returns to writing letters and talking to clients.

As a franchisee of Stocktake UK, our experience counts for everything!

As part of our franchise package, a comprehensive marketing plan forms the foundation of our successful and well-tested operation. Throughout the initial stages of your training, our marketing team will work tirelessly to generate new business through telesales and individual marketing plans. This support continues throughout the entire franchise term.

Using the latest data, we help you build your customer base effectively from day one and ensure that it continues to grow throughout the franchise term. Our client databases and lead generation techniques are up-to-date, ensuring that you have access to the most current and accurate information. With our support, you can focus on delivering top-quality stocktaking services to your clients while we take care of the marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Teamwork is crucial to success! While your training is an important part of the story, Stocktake UK’s ongoing marketing support and technical development within the stocktaking sector will provide every opportunity to build on the solid foundation you establish when you join the team.

Software Development & Technical Support
Our franchise package includes an array of support services such as continual software development, and technical support. The tools you’ll use every day as part of your stocktaking system undergo continual improvements, with additional features being added that will help you provide even better services to your clients. From computer and technical support to specific stocktaking queries, our support team is always on hand to assist you.

Telesales Services & Networking Opportunities
Our marketing team will conduct telesales calls to potential clients in your franchise area, leaving you free to focus on the important task of running your own business. We also hold national meetings with our stocktaking network from time to time, providing a great opportunity for you to interact with other franchisees and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals.

At Stocktake UK, we are committed to providing our franchisees with all the support they need to succeed.


The Stocktake Franchise Offer:

  • A residential training course

  • Marketing rights to your exclusive franchise area

  • Extensive equipment list required to carry out stocktaking assignments
  • Printed business stationery
  • Bespoke stocktaking software developed in-house
  • Invoicing software
  • Telesales services
  • Technical, business and networking support

Are you ready to take the first step towards your new career and download our franchise application form, simply click the links below. With Stocktake UK, the sky’s the limit, so why wait? Download the application form or contact us now and start building your future today!

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