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Kehan Cooper – Leeds & Surrounding Area

Prior to joining Stocktake UK I have had a long and enjoyable career working in some superb bars and restaurants throughout Leeds. I started as a glass collector, and worked my up through various management roles, eventually running my own business. Each of my positions was unique and enriching in their own way, and I saw the full scope of the hospitality industry as I worked for bars which are part of a large chain, individual niche bars and also my own business. This natural career progression has led me to stocktaking, as each more senior position included more responsibility for stock control and carrying out my own stocktakes.

Having worked with a number of different Stocktake UK franchisees, I have always been impressed by their professionalism, impartiality and thoroughness. Despite front of house being super fun and exciting, as I got older, I realised it was time to move on. I knew Stocktake UK would be the right place for me, and allow me to “have my cake and eat it” by staying within the industry I love, whilst taking on a more office style role. The added bonus being I get a better work/life balance and so can spend more time with my friends and family.
As soon as I started with Stocktake UK, I was able to start building my client base. I did this by taking on National Account work from Head Office, getting work from my personal contacts in Leeds and as a result of ongoing marketing.

I’ve found that my back ground and bottom to top knowledge of hospitality businesses, has given my an unique perspective when helping others improve their GP and yields. As someone who has had to manoeuvre over 50 kegs up a flight of stairs on New Years Eve, I totally understand why sometimes cellars are not as tidy as they could be – though I’ll never understand why my old employer decided to have a “cellar” on the first floor, or why I was on shift when the lift was out of order on the busiest day of the year for orders!
Away from work, I enjoy learning to play the acoustic guitar and as a hangover from front of house days, I love blending flavours in drinks and food, as I enjoy discovering new and interesting combinations – you must try coffee & coconut, or pineapple & pastis – go on you’ll love them!

I am currently expanding my professional network and my profiles can be found on both Linked-in and Facebook – let’s connect!

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