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Hospitality stocktaking services you can count on

Our extensive network of skilled professional hospitality stock takers allows Stocktake UK to offer specialist systems and services to all sectors within the hospitality and leisure industries including: 

  • Hotels – private and corporate

  • Cocktail & late night venues

  • Members clubs

  • National chains

  • Pub companies & regional brewers

  • Restaurants

As an operator of perhaps one of these businesses, you will already know the importance that professional stocktaking brings to the success of the business.

“Stocktaking is such a vital element of your business success, we understand how important it is to provide you with the best possible service – Stocktake UK fulfils that objective at every opportunity.”

Mike Smith, Stocktake UK

Our hospitality stocktaking services

Comprehensive Food & Liquor reporting

On-site reports, available to you on the day of the stocktake*. Our comprehensive level of reporting is designed for all business types and needs. Printed and electronic copies are available.

*subject to information supplied

Business Certificates

Whether you’re buying or selling we’ll provide an accurate and independent valuation of the stock held. At your business’s year-end we’ll provide you with a Valuation Certificate so your Accountant can produce your annual Profit & Loss Account.


Most importantly we’ll discuss the report with you. Highlight our findings, and advise you what action you may need to take.

Increased Profitability

We know from experience that our service improves not only the professional way you run the business but also increases profitability.

Hospitality & Leisure Stocktakers you can count on

Our extensive network of skilled professionals allows us to offer industry-designed systems and services to all sectors within the hospitality and leisure industries. Maybe you’re operating a short-term tenancy with one of the UK’s major pub companies or regional brewers, or you have an investment in a long-term lease or freehold, either way, a professional stocktaking service is vital to the long-term success of your business.

By tracking these key elements needed to improve profitability, you can quickly take remedial action – prompt action saves money.

  • Identifying actual stock performance against expected – theft or stock loss.
  • Analysing your purchases – making sure you only pay for what you’ve agreed.
  • Product by Product analysis – ensuring every product line performs to the maximum.
  • Stockholding – identify if your cash is being held needlessly in your cellar instead of in your bank.
  • Gross Profit Calculator – reports the average profit values you make each day.
  • Detailed Stocktaker reports – designed for your business with detailed action points.
  • Cash checks, hydrometer tests and quality monitoring services.

As well as providing detailed stock information on a site-by-site basis, Stocktake UK’s Corporate Management offer a range of additional services and support.

  • Multi-site Group Reporting – Financial performance rankings.
  • Group Reviews – Regular meetings with our Regional Accounts Manager responsible for your account. Review the past and plan for the future.
  • Logonn – the Company’s on-line stocktaking service.
  • Client Support – software, general stocktaking advice, or dedicated stock training sessions.

Logonn – Our online stock management system

In addition to traditional stocktaking services, our internet-based stock management system ‘Logonn’ provides a valuable and efficient tool to conduct in-house stock auditing, with 24/7 access and support by stocktaking experts. Operating from any internet-connected PC, LOGONN allows interim stock results, line checks and historical reporting at a time suitable to the end user, all for a fraction of the costs of other comparable systems.

Discover more about Logonn and download a free trial at:

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