Sallie Meinert MILSA

Sallie Meinert – Stocktaker Guildford

Based in Guildford and covering Farnham, Basingstoke, Alton

I decided to become a Stocktake UK franchisee as I wanted to have a job nearer to home, as I was working in London at the time wanted to have my own business. This was in August 1996.

Over the years my business had changed from being mainly small pubs and clubs, to Golf clubs and multi site operations alongside smaller sites. I like this mix as you are in a totally different business every day, which gives you variety. Since the pandemic clients are more focused on margins and information so the analysis of the business has become more important than ever. Being self employed is good for flexibility of time, but sometimes not so good if you take on too much work and end up working longer. Its a tricky balance because you never know what’s around the corner to effect your business.

I started working in hotels when I left college, both front & back of house before moving on to management after a few years. Eventually, I moved over to an office based job, still in hospitality and more involved in financial analysis. I finally purchased my franchise, and for a few years I was part owner in a small 16 room coaching Inn.

As a stocktaker in Guildford, the early years getting the initial work was done by mail shots and the office calling potential clients to make appointments for me to go and see. Over the years new clients now come via contacts, recommendations, and as I am a member of the ILSTA through their web site. Corporate work also comes via the main office, this is mainly for larger clients and groups which can work well with other work, however it tends to have fixed dates and parameters. A lot more of this work available now to franchisees than previously, also this work can involve working with other stocktakers which is good as you get to meet other franchisees and can exchange ideas and tips.

I enjoy traveling and have a touring caravan which we use frequently in the summer months to visit sites around the country. My other hobbies include gardening ,cooking and reading but my favourite thing is handicrafts including drawing, sewing and card making which I sell at craft fayres. I am a coeliac so have to be careful to avoid gluten which is why I like to cook, I especially like to experiment with different curries and plant based meals. I have had my business for quite a long time and I am planning on keeping a full diary as log as possible.

If you could go back in time and offer your former self any advice what would it be?

Don’t be so impulsive, take time to consider all implications of what you are doing and always sleep on a decision.

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