Stocktaker West Yorkshire

Chris Skipper

Stocktaker in Bradford

In 2011 I sought a new challenge that would both improve my work-life balance and provide a solid and stable income for the future. Managing stock and improving efficiency had become my favourite part of the role.   Utilising these skills to benefit my many clients whilst running my own business has been the best decision I have ever made.

My diary filled up almost immediately with help from corporate work provided from our head office.   The best part of a Stocktake UK franchise model is the consistency and repeating nature of the business. By doing a good job for my clients I know that they will have an ongoing requirement and desire for my services.   Managing my own diary enables me to have all the flexibility I could ever wish for, and also the ability to be there for my family when they need me to be.

I cut my teeth in Hospitality with the industry leading – Arc Inspirations from 2006-2011. I worked my way up from Bar-Back, to Bar Manager to General Manager thanks to the company’s  commitment to developing their staff.   As a client of Stocktake UK, Arc Inspirations trained their management with our specialist Stock control software, creating a seamless transition from client to supplier!

Having been a Stocktaker in Bradford now for over a decade has been a great experience and I really do feel like my own boss. Maintaining strong relationships with clients over this time has been a rewarding part of the role as they show their appreciation for my work.   Now with over 15 years of industry experience, my blend of working for an industry leading company and working for a decade as a Stocktaker has provided the skills and abilities to help my clients achieve the key objectives of improving their efficiency and saving them money.

Weekends are family time and running the kids to football, gymnastics etc. When I get time to myself I love cycling, running and the occasional round of golf.   In 2022 I managed my first Marathon and Olympic Triathlon and then in 2023 I completed my maiden Ultra-Marathon.   I love going to the football with my son and friends and taking my kids to stay with my in-laws in Scarborough remains one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend.

If I could go back in time to a former self I would advise me to have taken on a Stocktaking Franchise sooner rather than later and to savour every moment….you don’t get another chance at life! profile