Manchester – North

Simon Etchells

Simon Etchells – Stocktaker in Manchester North

Based in Oldham and covering Manchester, Rochdale & Ashton Under Lyne

Formally a trained chef and HND graduate in hotel management, 14 years managing and running hotels and hospitality venues.

I started as a Stocktaker in Manchester in 1999 because I wanted to stop running hospitality venues and take control of my working and personal life.

My business has grown incredibly over the years. Even with the pandemic and I find myself now busier than prior to Covid. Being a Stocktaker in Manchester has given me the freedom of how and when I want to work. I now work to live, not live to work

Mainly I work as an independent stocktaker to my private clients and after those early days initial mail shots, I had sufficient work to cover all expenses. Now I obtain clients by recommendation or word of mouth. I also undertake high profile national account work, this enables me to be in contact with other franchisees, which is good as you can always get advice and help should you need it.

My interests are many and varied, from sporting my team, Leeds United, to Rugby Union, Formula 1 and Cricket. I am a part time magician and use the same magic supplier as David Blaine and Dynamo.

Food and drink is a passion and I love trying new food ideas and different wines. Walking in the lakes with my wife and 3 dogs. Supporting my wife who has recently achieved her PHD and an OBE.

If you could go back in time and offer your former self any advice what would it be?

Buy the franchise earlier than when I did. You have to work hard to achieve success and always be prepared to learn new things. Never believe you have made it.

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