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Mark Timperley

Mark Timperley – Stocktaker North Wales

Based in Llandudno Covering Chester, Manchester, Wrexham

I wanted to Progress in the hospitality industry and with a solid stock background within various roles through a 20+ year career operationally, I Became a Franchisee in July 2007.

I Started in July 2007 with about 10/12 clients inherited from previous franchisee, who moved out of the area. Gradually grown over nearly 16 years, now with 30+ clients,
covering 50+ sites, and still a few from when I started! I’m currently the busiest I’ve ever been! I love working with my clients & giving back with knowledge built up over my near 37 years now in the industry. Helping them to maintain/build their businesses. Not any real dislikes! (Honestly!) Bit late by now after all this time for things I didn’t like!

I spent 4 years at college studying Hotel & Catering Management. Spent all my working life within the hospitality industry. Mostly in hotels. With the job I had prior to becoming a Stocktake UK Franchisee, working my way through roles from Asst F&B Manager, F&B Manager, to Purchasing Manager over a 14 year period. Had the last role created for me through my stock background.

The great thing of being a Franchisee and Stocktaker in North Wales, rather than a stand alone operation, is the support from Stocktake UK Head Office. Assistance with marketing, technical issues etc (personally, the latter especially, is invaluable!) Also being part of a team on bigger national account work, helping to create a strong identity within this sector of the industry.

Outside of my professional work, I am a huge sports fan. With basketball being my main passion. I volunteer with a professional team who play in the British Basketball League,
Cheshire Phoenix. My role over the past few seasons is match day presenter/commentator for the games that are covered on the league’s (BBL) YouTube channel. Something completely removed from my regular day job, and great fun/privilege to be able to describe the action! Especially on big games or close finishes! Became a Grandad again 2 years ago, so Grandparenting duties are also high on the agenda!!! Also love going to concerts & the theatre with my wife & friends.

I feel fortunate really that I had great advice from my Mum early in my life (she worked in a Job Centre, when they were a thing!) into channelling my thoughts into what to do
for a career. So not drifting & wasting years. Also had brilliant mentors from early on in the industry, during my college years especially. Who instilled high standards & pride in your work. This has stuck with me throughout my life, both personally & professionally. So, to answer the question, do the same again really!!!

At this job you build up great relationships with your customers, which helps as you learn about their business & then able to tailor advice. Gives great job satisfaction, and when you see them successful, you know you played your small part in that! Can be a good earner too! Like anything in life, you get out what you put in!

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