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Matthew Sillett

Matt Sillett – Stocktaker Sheffield

Based in Sheffield Covering Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham

I was previously working within the hospitality industry as an opening manager and hotel general manager. With extensive knowledge of both systems, and software, as well as an internal stocktaking procedure, it made a natural move for me to become self-employed. This also made work life balance achievable, along with keeping a good income. Since November 2010 my business has thrived, and meeting new clients frequently as well as continuing to learn other traits of this industry.

With continued support from the Stocktake UK head office, my business as a Stocktaker in Sheffield, was able to grow fast, although being self-employed, the advantage of being a franchise has meant that there is continued support in terms of growing business. With a full diary achieved within my first year of being a Stocktake UK franchise. The best aspect of this is now having a full income while enabling flexibility as being self-employed can provide. Although the commitment is big, many early mornings and late nights, a mix of working times, this is certainly a small price to pay for the flexibility and work life balance.

My previous employment was with Front-Room Restaurants, and Contemporary Hotels, and a small stint with InnFocus Group, all of which, at the time were thriving businesses running hotels, Cocktail bars and restaurants. With a Qualification in Mixology also allowing my product knowledge to excel. Working my way up fast through the ranks over 8 years after being a university student, achieving a role as a deputy general manager before taking the leap to self-employment.

This role is really a variety of many things, I have a good mix of large corporate clients, my own private clients, as well as a few one-off site visits, be this valuations, take-overs, purchases etc. Working with a team of stocktakers also offers various viewpoints as well as helping to see how a greater depth of clientele can give a greater knowledge of systems, controls, reporting etc etc. With this knowledge, it can then be applied to all the various client types that i have.

I am a keen foodie, with my partner having similar interests, travel being a large part of our lives. We have keen interest in water-sports with Kayaking, Wake-boarding and surfing being a huge part of our interests. Family play a large part in life. Very frequent trips abroad to widen horizons are really important to both of us, having visited every European Country as well as many Asian and African destinations, we love the world and would like to see as much of it as possible during our lives. Our Trip to the Appleton Rum factory in Jamaica a highlight as well as learning a great deal about rum which is directly connected to my work, this type of thing allows me to share with clients as well for their own benefits within their businesses.

As a Stocktaker in Sheffield, I’m confident in my work. Stock results are never bad due to work I have done. Using my knowledge to report on control issues at site level, rather than worrying about my own work. Stocktaking means providing the client with a clear interpretation of their controls in place, and helping them to improve. I say don’t worry about a bad stock result, as this actually helps you to identify issues that can give you a lot of things to discuss with your clients. Being in control of your life, no pressure, your time management is in your hands. Work life balance is improved. Income is good.

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