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Adam McKenna

Adam McKenna – Stocktaker South Manchester

Based in Stockport and covering Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Knutsford

After working for Venners for a year I took the opportunity to become a Stocktake UK Franchisee in September 2017

Ever since starting with Stocktake UK I have seen my business grow and develop, benefitting from both clients fed to me through the office and developing a list of private clients through personal recommendations and referrals. Since starting with Stocktake UK my work life balance has improved dramatically – I couldn’t imagine returning to working late nights and weekends! The major advantage of being a franchisee is you are effectively running your own business, which means you can build your diary around your personal life to ensure you achieve maximum enjoyment from both!

Having worked within the hospitality industry since the age of 18, by the age of 30 I had become tired of the long hours and late nights which go hand in hand with running restaurants and bars. Becoming a Stocktaker gave me the opportunity to still work within the sector I love, but without the grind of being at the coalface of the industry.

Becoming a Stocktaker in South Manchester has given me a lot more free time to enjoy myself – whether it be heading to the gym, out on the golf course, or hitting the slopes whenever possible. My work /life balance has improved immeasurably! When not on the golf course, I love eating out, especially at Italian Restaurants, my favourite of which I am lucky enough to have as a client!

If you could go back in time and offer your former self any advice what would it be?

Become a Stocktaker sooner!

The improvement in work / life balance is a major factor – having weekends to myself, along with a regular schedule of Monday – Friday work has benefitted myself and my family greatly. Alongside this, the earning potential which comes with stocktaking when compared to working within bars & restaurants means we can enjoy great lifestyle!

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