Graham Bailey MILSA

Graham Bailey – Stocktaker South West.

Based In Bristol Covering Bath, Cheltenham, Weston Super Mare, Chepstow, Stroud, Portishead.

In 2001 I left hotel management, I took a little time out doing manual work which gave me a chance to think about which direction I was going and what I would do in the future. Having worked most of my life in the hospitality industry I felt I still wanted to be connected to it, but not necessarily involving too many anti-social hours! I met a former colleague from a hotel we both worked in and he told me about how he was working as a stocktaker. This sounded ideal for me as I would still have contact with the industry, but without the unsocial hours!

My business as a Stocktaker in the South West started with no immediate clients, so initially most of my time was spent doing mailshots and sales calls – social media wasn’t great in those days. I set myself a target of sending 100 letters per day and gradually I gained a few new clients. I enjoyed the variety of one day working in a five star hotel and then next in a night club or backstreet pub. I didn’t mind where I worked, learning even more as time went by. Eventually I started getting referrals from clients and gradually stopped doing mailshots. I am now in the fortunate position of having a full diary with little space. I enjoy the flexibility of running my own business and I can make the decision of when I should work, although it can be a little frustrating sometimes trying to fit it all in.

Prior to joining Stocktake UK I worked solely in the hotel industry but in a variety of different types of hotels and restaurants. I started as a trainee manager for a national company which involved working in all departments of the hotel and included a period working in France where I learned the traditional French cuisine and also improved my language skills! I eventually gained the role of food and beverage manager working in several 4 and 5 star hotels in the UK and Channel Islands. I then took on the role of general manager of a number of different hotels from country house hotels to large city centre hotels.

Outside of stocktaking, I spend quite a bit of time cycling. Every weekend I go out with a group of friends and tackle the welsh hills around where we live. This is all good training for our annual visit to France for a long weekend of touring Brittany and Normandy, normally about 200miles. This does of course involve checking some of the French wines which I am used to counting in the hotels I do stocktakes for! I am also a life honorary member of Round Table and occasionally get involved with some of their fundraising activities. The beauty of Stocktaking is that I do not have to be tied to a strict timetable of work and can set my own diary to allow me time for other activities as I feel it is important to get a good work/life balance.

Stocktaker South West, covering Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Bath. Profile