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Neil Hanson – West Midlands

During his extensive management career in the Midlands, Neil has always had stocktaking as part of his weekly/monthly life. As a GM he sees stocktaking as being central to the understanding and control of profit margins. In his view, whilst there are many KPI that help determine the success of a Hospiltality business, without controlling profit it is not possible to keep a business running, and it is not possible to control profit without good stock control. Stocktaking is therefore key, and only through it can an operator guide their business in the right direction. After more than 20 years in the industry he has seen most mistakes and issues, and Neil really has been there, seen it all and knows how to fix it.

With Stocktaking being central to Neil’s management style, he has always included it as part of the training he gave his junior team members. These sessions were always found to be very valuable to their understanding of what makes successful management. Neil plans to bring a similar approach to his stocktaking business and encourage his clients and their team to pay close attention to good stock control.

An example of where attention to detail has been key, came some years ago when Neil noticed that a cellar had been tidied and the bottle store moved to be nearer to the door. Neil noticed that when the door was open this hid the bottles from the CCTV and ultimately the bar tender who had reorganised the store was found to be stealing.

Neil is equally passionate about his life away from work, enjoying spending time with his family – something he hopes to do more of now that he is working as a Stocktake UK franchisee. He encourages his children to support his beloved Birmingham FC (after all the young have to understand tough times as well as good!), and enjoying watching and playing most sports.

With a big birthday coming up, Neil is looking forward to extending his knowledge of Californian wines with a tasting trip to the Napa Valley. This follows on from previous trips to France where he has visited several areas, with St Emilion being his favourite region.

As a Stocktake UK franchisee Neil is looking forward to an improved work/life balance and utilising his many years of experience to benefit other businesses. He has a clear vision of how a successful business should be run, and he now believes that he can pass this on to his rapidly expanding client base.

Neil is currently growing his network on social media, so let’s get connected!

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